Perfect Volley How do you execute the perfect volley? Is volley perfection even possible? Here is the deal […]

Have you ever had a tennis moment when… you were off balance, flying through the air or reaching […]

The ability to see ourselves as the sky simply witnessing the stormy weather, knowing it will pass and recognizing it is not a part of us—is a helpful skill not only on the court but more importantly in the day-to-day moments of our lives.

by Elaine Petrone, Founder Miracle Ball Method™ Did you know that the tennis serve done well is one […]

Women have always been as strong throughout history as they are today, what they didn’t always have was […]

As we approach Valentine’s Day ideas of love fill our hearts, but what about the meaning of ‘LOVE’ […]

What is paddle? Simply put, paddle is fun. The birth child of tennis, paddle is the only racquet […]