Your ticket to a fun day of tennis with the girls…click here COURTGIRL & COCKTAIL LADIES’ LUNCHEON Connecticut […]

by Gigi Fernandez Putting the ball away on a slow clay court is much more difficult than on […]

by Dr. Roopali Hall The sounds of spring are upon us… the birds chirping, the lawn mowers humming […]

Sports•man•ship is an official term meaning: conduct becoming to one participating in a sport, such as fairness, respect […]

by Gigi Fernandez There are three match situations you will face every time you get on the court. […]

Fashion Week is a time for brands to display their latest collections in runway shows… but can a […]

Let’s face it tennis players are high maintenance. We can be strong and competitive one moment and as […]

by Karen Scherberger Henrie “Send her to girl school.” As a child, that was a refrain I heard […]

The difference between great tennis players and average tennis players, at all levels, lies between the ears. Greatness […]

Story by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. . . . . . . . . Style by Tory Sport […]