2020: The year of the impossible shot.

Have you ever had a tennis moment when… you were off balance, flying through the air or reaching beyond your ability to make that impossible shot? The kind of shot that even Federer couldn’t make (twice), a shot that left your coach scratching his head thinking out loud, “where did that come from?” A shot that caused your opponent to one-hand clap their racquet. The kind of shot that just felt so good that it clicked something inside of you…“was that in?” “Wow, that was amazing!” “I’m awesome!” Likely it wasn’t long before reality set in, “Who are we kidding, that was blind luck… I’ll never repeat that. I should just walk off the court right now and never play again…it can only get worse from here.”

But is it just luck? Is it the timing, the velocity, the weird racquet angle, the wind blowing just right? Or maybe… just maybe, it’s something else that lives in these moments. Something that isn’t outside and out of your control, but it exists inside of you. That something hidden that springs forward when you really need it. Like a mom who lifts a car to save her baby, or the nerve to parachute out of a crashing plane…or hitting that ball eyes closed, inside out and backwards while still making the shot.

The feeling of that one impossible shot can change everything. Not because you’re suddenly going to get matched up with Serena, but because you might realize that even for one brief moment…you CAN do anything! That when you let go, stop overthinking, stop doubting and when you really need it…you have hidden inside of you the moves, the stamina, the ability the desire for impossible moments of greatness. Imagine…if you just made that wild shot, what else could you do?

Sometimes all you need is a single great moment to change the impossible into “I got this”.

Wishing you an incredible 2020—a year for clear vision, perseverance and belief in your ability to make your desires happen—A year filled with making impossible shots.