Advice from the number one coach in the world: Mom.

By Cory Sprague Williams, Founder & CEO, Cor & Co. 

As Mother’s Day approaches I recall the advice of life coach, friend and super fan, my Mom. She inspired me to play tennis growing up and even though we live in different cities now, we play together every chance we get. In fact, she fueled my passion for the sport to such a degree that we co-founded, Cor & Co., a luxury tennis jewelry company.

My Mom is a guiding light in my life and always amazes me. She is a talented tennis player competing nationally in her 60s, and even more than that she is an expert in the game of life. Here are my Mom Sue’s words of wisdom gathered through the years, that I carry with me on and off court:

My Mom’s Top 10 Advice

  1. Listen patiently, think, then speak.
  2. Don’t cheat or lie (I will know).
  3. Your abundance will grow, when you feel joy for the success of others.
  4. A few great friends are better than a lot of iffy ones.
  5. Accept advice but follow your own heart.
  6. Speak up if you want to be heard.
  7. Never give up, because I believe in you.
  8. You can do anything.
  9. It’s never too late.
  10. Play brilliant.


CorCoGroupDoubles2 copy
Doubles partners and co-founders of Cor & Co., Sue Sprague and daughter Cory Williams (right) with opponents Val & Yvonne (left), all wearing luxury tennis jewelry from

Happy Mother’s Day.

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