Gifts for Tennis Lovers Inspired by Iconic Style

Do you know someone special who loves tennis? Then you’re in luck when it comes to finding her a gift. While tennis enthusiasts may be selective in other areas of their lifestyle, they are generally thrilled to receive almost anything related to their favorite pastime.

Here are iconic style inspired gifts and helpful hints when shopping for that special tennis someone…


Form, stroke production, balance and… yes, the outfit. When they are all in sync, tennis is beautiful. Vieux Jeu designer and avid player, Claudia Storme, understands tennis wear isn’t just for the court anymore—its for everywhere the day takes you. Vieux Jeu celebrates the glamour of a lost era, giving classic shapes a modern spin.

Hint: Know her sizes and shop a high-end boutique brand like Vieux Jeu for that perfect gift. This Belgian tennis apparel with luscious fabrics and classic modern design will thrill and delight her.

VJ1 copy.jpg
Tennis visor, Axelle Dress, Les Filles du Club Sweatshirt all by Vieux JeuPhoto: 1970s Model for Vogue. Bob Stone, Getty Images


She always wants to feel like queen of the court. Indulge her with unique custom crafted jewelry by Cor & Co, a brand en route to redefine the tennis necklace.

Hint: Know her preferred necklace length and find out if she likes her diamonds set in white or yellow gold. The team at Cor & Co take pride in customer satisfaction, ready to review options and personalize your order.

The Tennis Ball Diamond Necklace comes in two sizes and colors (white or yellow gold). Photo: The Queen Mother (left) visited with American tennis player Helen Wills Moody at Wimbledon in 1938. Getty Images


For those who play tennis on-the-go, a good bag is an absolute essential. On any given day it can be a closet, a food pantry, a medicine cabinet and above all, a carrier for her silent partner—the racquet.

Hint: To make proper tennis bag selection a breeze, chose a brand that ‘gets her’. The design team at Ame & Lulu know what a tennis loving woman wants. Their tennis bags have just the right amount of compartments, colors and whimsy.

Love All Court Bag ($136) and Icon Forget Me Not Wristlet ($28) by Ame & Lulu. Photo: 1960s tennis players. Getty Images


There are times when a girl needs to dash off the court for a meeting or quick bite. A scarf is the perfect way to look put together, elegant and stylish in just a few twists.

Hint: If you’re not sure what color to get, these multi-color scarves will blend with a variety of shades. Designed by modern artist, Nat Connacher, these high-art creations inspired by original paintings will make a unique, thoughtful gift.

Sassy, Bold & Elegant scarves by modern artist Nat Connacher, $45 at  Photo: Tennis players wearing iconic 1920s scarf bandeau. Getty Images


Getting to and from the court in the winter months will require cold weather gear. Paper & Stitch have you covered with whimsical cozy wear and tennis tchotchkes galore.

Hint: If you’re still not sure what to get her, furry pom poms like these luxe finds by Linda Richards will put a smile on her face.

Mink Tennis Ball Bag Charm ($75) & Wool and Angora Fox Fur Hat ($120) both by Linda Richards. Contact Paper & Stitch on Instagram @ilovepaperandstitch. Photo: 1930s French tennis player, Suzanne Lenglen. Getty Images

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