Never, never, never enough… Are you obsessed? Take this quiz.

Is there such thing as too much tennis? Let’s find out…

Check all that apply:

  1. When someone says “tennis” you say “What time?”
  2. You often wear your sweaty tennis clothes all day.
  3. You own more tennis shoes than any other type of shoe.
  4. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent you from getting to the court.
  5. You think about tennis more than sex.
  6. There are few things more disturbing to you than a cancelled match.
  7. “I’ll be working from home” is just code for “I’ll be playing tennis.”
  8. You talk about tennis for days as if anyone cares.
  9. You search for tennis movies on Netflix.
  10. Your therapist had to take up tennis just to see you.
  11. You boldly wear tight, short, white outfits in front of strangers.
  12. When you don’t play tennis, you get cranky.
  13. You perpetually believe that you’re just a few lessons away from being really good.
  14. You’re out playing so much that your latchkey dog started to hate balls.
  15. Right now you’re thinking, I should really be playing tennis.

If you checked any three of the above, girlfriend you are totally obsessed with tennis. But hey, it’s just tennis could be worse.

Let’s play!