Tennis Thankfully: Top 10

Our readers talk about TOP 10 things they are thankful for when it comes to tennis…

  1. “I get to do my most favorite activity from childhood: PLAY.” — Laura 
  2. “There’s always someone out there who wants to hit a few.” — Janet
  3. “I get to instantly see all my strengths and weaknesses laid out in vivid color, so I can keep it real…grounded.” — Barb
  4. “I get to experience the feeling of WINNING! Even losing feels OK sometimes because it was fun just to play.” — Claire
  5. “I like the look of crisp whites against a dark court; unmistakably tennis is on.” — Lori
  6. “There’s a plan, clear rules, quick decisions are made, and then there are immediate consequences that can be studied and improved upon… life is tougher to plan than a tennis match.” — Liz
  7. “My best ‘serious’ excuse for getting out of anything: ‘Oh, sorry I have a match’.” — Stephanie
  8. “Playing with a ball and racquet is fun.” — Diane
  9. “You can’t hide anything on the open court.” — Sarah 
  10. “There’s that moment when you feel like you just did the impossible and you hear the resounding accolade ‘Great shot!’” — Mindy

What makes you think of tennis thankfully?

Happy Holidays from CG TEAM!