Dreamy Holiday Tennis Gifts

The season is approaching when we pause to “give joyfully and accept gratefully”Maya Angelou. Both are acts of kindness that deserve a bit of reflection and care without rush and haste. To that end, we are holiday dreaming a bit earlier than usual, to take time, be thoughtful and find meaningful gifts that we love. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired…


We discovered L’Oeuf Poché in our very own pro shop and immediately fell in love. If you’re looking for fashion forward, quality tennis and activewear, this is it. Above: Dots Mesh Overlay Racerback $76.00 & Dots Mesh Flutter Skort $74.00, City Blouse $76.00, Back Stripe Long Sleeve-T $76.00


Cortiglia bags are truly exceptional and designed with a passion for fashion and tennis. When you get one in your hands, you have to have it and it’s so much more than a tennis bag. Attention to detail and impeccable quality make these luxurious bags a must-have on and off the court for women and men. Above: Belvedere Rosso $435.00, The Metropolitan $495.00. Use code: courtgirl, for $25 off your purchase.


More and more tennis players are picking-up platform tennis (paddle) and loving it! It’s a great way to keep playing outdoors in colder weather. Here’s a Paddle Kit for the guy who loves outdoor sports, designed & engineered by RHONE to provide comfort and quality. Above: Torrent Pant $98, Reign Long Sleeve Crew $68, Tech Terry Hoodie $148, PowderDry Beanie $29, PowderDry Gloves $29, Rhone Flask $30


“I’ll have a Cosmopolitan Martini on the rocks.” EMPOWER is brilliant, two cocktails in one and no mixing. Delicious and refreshing, absolutely the perfect beverage for any holiday event with just a single pour. We also love that EMPOWER champions women’s initiatives. For a list of select distributors go to empowercocktails.com.

Elite_FIN“Let’s go on an adventure!” Elite Tennis Travel curates the finest tennis and cultural immersion tours to exceptional destinations around the world. Many of our readers have already experienced the amazing concierge service and unforgettable tennis with Elite Tennis Travel. Monte Carlo, Cartagena, Havana… or how about a ladies’ tennis camp weekend nearby? You can get swept away on the already planned itineraries or create your own! Perfect for groups, gift of a lifetime… go to elitetennistravel.com , call 917.825.0810 or email info@elitetennistravel.com Use code: courtgirl for $100 off your first booking and a travel kit valued at $50. (See our interview with Adriana Isaza, the founder here.)


How does someone describe in words an incredible taste sensation? Sure these are gluten-free, that’s just a bonus. The taste rivals any brownie we have ever tasted… absolutely stunning flavor. freedgoodsco creates the most delectable baked goods with a passion for quality ingredients nothing short of perfection. Created by a personal desire to sweeten the lives of those with gluten intolerance. A beautiful gift for anyone on your list… available online and local retailers freedgoods.com .


Any size gift by LACOSTE is special. Every piece is meticulously designed to represent the iconic brand name with a touch of modern French, understated elegance. Above: Women’s Made In France Square Colorblock Wool And Cotton Scarf $135.0, Women’s Daily Classic Fine Piqué Grains Tennis Ball Coin Pouch $32.99, Men’s L’Homme Lacoste Spray 50 ML $62.00, Women’s Vintage Inspired Square Sunglasses $166.0, Women’s Makeup Pouch Trio $78.00



Once Ed discovered that the number one requested item in shelters was socks, his vision for the company became clear. Here kids had the opportunity to design their own socks.

Socks you can feel good about head to toe are made by LIFT23. We have sampled these socks and if you are a golfer, skier, tennis player, runner… simply, if you need socks… these are hands down the most comfortable performance socks we have tested. Here are a few words from the founder:

I launched LIFT23 with the intent to create the most comfortable performance socks on the planet. Selling socks for the sole purpose of making money was not enough motivation for me to take the plunge into the sock business. Incorporating the “mission” aspect of the company helped fulfill my desire to work on something meaningful. The mission keeps my spirit alive while I am doing everything it takes to create the best socks and make sure they find their way to people’s feet. To date, we have donated 18,000 pairs of LIFT23-designed socks to children living in the NYC shelter system, and an additional 9,000 pairs to 8 organizations serving kids in need across the county. —Ed

Happy holidays!