Want to level-up your doubles game without moving a muscle? Here comes your coach, Gigi Fernández.

This is amazing! Grab an energy drink, sit back and relax, while Hall of Famer and legendary doubles champion, Gigi Fernández coaches you how to take it to the next level. No tennis whites required…

We are really excited to partner with Gigi to bring you this exclusive Doubles.TV for COURTGIRL offer. For four weeks only, this program is complimentary to our readers and followers. Seriously, don’t miss out.

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Everyone learns differently. Some people need to see it, others need to hear or read it, then there are those who need to move their body to learn. What’s so special about this program is that you get to see, hear and read the lessons, then put it all to practice on your own time. Are you ready to transform your game?

This program is for players who:

  • Learned to play singles and are transitioning to doubles
  • Feel lost or confused on the court
  • Are not sure who gets the middle ball at the net
  • Watch poachable balls constantly whiz by and kick themselves for not getting them
  • Don’t consistently hold serve
  • Struggle playing with different partners
  • Have reached a plateau and need something new to ignite their passion

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you… click this COURTGIRL EXCLUSIVE link here.

Yes, we are all busy… the good thing is you can do this anywhere, anytime. In the morning over coffee, lunch time, during your workout…or sipping a glass of wine. Just don’t wait too long to sign-up. This complimentary access to top-level tennis doubles instruction EXPIRES IN FOUR WEEKS! Here is your link…


Our CG Team is doing the program right now as well, let us know what you think!

For more info go to gigifernandeztennis.com

Let’s play…better!