SUMMER CLUB TENNIS: Do you have a game plan?

We asked the COURTGIRL CLUB, a.k.a. our readers, about their game plan or areas of improvement as they head out on the courts this summer…

“Be ready.”
—Jen, Charleston, South Carolina

Be more mature… both about approaching the points and how I interact with the players. It’s not high school, we’re fully grown adults here. Right?
—Laura, Boston, MA

“Turn off negative self-talk.”
—Quinn, Huston, Texas

In search of sporty comfy chic on and off the court. Let’s be real, I don’t perspire, I sweat…but, I’m still a girl and want to look good doing it. Looking for longer, more flattering, body conscious tennis whites that can take me anywhere.”
—Lauren, Atlanta, GA

FOCUS. I get easily distracted by lawn mowers, birds, sun or the world around me… especially if I’m down or frustrated. Working on feeling the ground beneath my feet to gain focus.
—Jo, Darien, Connecticut

“I’m not going to let go until the last point is played. It’s a game of wills, that’s why I love it!”
—Jill, Los Angeles, California

Breathe. Sometimes I forget to breathe, especially during a quick-fire point. My muscles tense-up and I make mistakes. Gotta breathe.
—Suzanne, Greenwich, Connecticut

Be patient. I get too excited and rush to the ball. It’s like suddenly I’m charging just to end the point. I need to work on my timing and be more aware of what’s happening, especially when it’s fast.”
—Karine, Cannes, France

“My plan is to get out there and just have fun.”
—Jenna, Del Ray Beach, Florida

Stay in character. I’m usually not angry or bitchy. But something about being in that competitive arena can bring out the best and worst in me. I need stay true to myself and remember we play to have fun.”
—Diane, Taunton, England

Every superhero started out as an awkward mess.
—Barb, Stamford, Connecticut

It’s not about winning, or thinking about winning… it’s about doing your best to win. When I play my personal best, win or lose it feels amazing.”
—Stephanie, Montclair, New Jersey

Move! But not too early at the net. I tend to show my cards and get caught during a poach. Timing and footwork need to be my weapons!
—Elina, Helsinki, Finland

“The ball coming to me shouldn’t be a surprise party.”
—Karen, New Canaan, Connecticut

When I lose I will feel whatever I want to feel in that moment… angry, upset, bummed… I have to let it all out. But then I need to quickly shake it off, learn from it and go on with my day.”
—Joanna, Boston, Massachusetts

“One point at a time but with a plan.”
—Adriana, Miami, Florida

My partner is my partner, it’s a conversation not a monologue. I need to think about ways to extend the point by setting her up, not just trying to be the hero and put away every ball that comes to me (no matter how good it feels to crush it!).”
—Paula, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Relax and gather myself.”
—Julie, Atlanta, Georgia

Listen to the Coach. I’m a mom, I tell people what to do. I teach, correct and scold people all day.  It’s not easy for me to be on the other end. I have to keep telling myself I may not like it, but I might learn something. I have to trust the Coach’s plan.”
—Anne, Raleigh, North Carolina

I want to play like the time on the court is my moment…my happy place. I don’t want to think about anything else but that little fuzzy ball and the joy of the game.”
—Laura, Timmins, Ontario

“I’m just grateful to be on the court.”
—Mimi, New York, New York

What’s your game plan this season?
We’d love to hear from you!