Why do I love tennis? When every answer is “YAAAS

“It’s just tennis” they say, but upon further reflection and with Valentines Day upon us, our writers reflect on their true feelings for the sport they adore.

Seriously, why do I love tennis so much?

Is it because “I’m going to play tennis” sounds better than “I’m going to see my therapist”…and works just as well?

Is it that ‘swoosh, pop’ a fresh ball can makes?

Is it because no other workout makes me happy, furious, satisfied, disappointed, inspired, deflated, empowered, diminished, elated and wanting more…at any given moment?

Is it the cute outfits?

Is the cool, tough, funny, brutal, scary, supportive, emotional, strong, got-your-back, kick-your-ass kinda chics that I play with?

Is it the cocktails and brunch after?

Is it the fresh morning air, the warm midday sun or the soft evening breeze, that lifts me up just being there?

Is it the complimentary post match fruit platter and nut bars?

Is it prying away the cell phone fused to my hand, replacing it with a racquet and interacting with human beings face to face?

Is it the excuse for walking around in tennis clothes all day?

Is it making that ‘in the moment’ superhuman shot that you’ll surely never make again and secretly thinking “Yeah, I’m awesome”…

“Just tennis” they say?
I don’t think so.

Who else answered “YAAAS!” to all of the above?

Happy early Valentines Day!

Let’s play…