“Dream it up”… Mind Garden 2017

As we fly into 2017, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a friend and accomplished Yogi, Jillian Pransky.

“How can I stay focused, grounded and positive?” I asked.

“Weed your mind garden,” the Yogi told me.

“Yes, I love that. I think I can do that. How?”

“Pluck one weed at a time and get rid of it,” she said. “And, those weeds are tough. They might grow back. But if you’re practicing weeding regularly, you’ll be right there… just in time to pluck it again. And plant lots the good stuff, the ‘flowers’. You must plant the good stuff and tend to it.”

“I’m not much of a gardener, what do these ‘mind weeds’ look like?”

“It’s more of what they feel like,” she said, “self-doubt, disappointment, dissatisfaction, sinking down, sadness, anger, resentment… And, its stuff like procrastination, excuses, stagnation, and being unmotivated that block us from plucking them out.”

“And the ‘good stuff’…?”

“Its staying calm, self-confidence, love, appreciation, gratitude…”

Sigh. Breathe in. Pluck, pluck, pluck…
Fertilize, fertilize… “It’s hard. I thought it would be easy.”

“Easy is not doing anything, easy is no results. It takes practice,” she said.

“How is this going to help me?”

“The more weeds you pluck and the more good stuff you plant, the less clutter you’ll have in your mind and you will be able to focus on the point or the ball…or whatever you need to be doing in that moment.”

So, with this advice in mind, here are some thought seeds for us to plant for a positive, beautiful flourishing mind garden in 2017:

Live it to be in it.

At some point you just have to trust yourself.

Dream it up.

Stay true to yourself.

Ask yourself, is it worth it.

Be happy with what you are doing.

Always believe in yourself and who you are.

Do something that matters.

You have nothing to lose.

You have a voice, be brave.


Happy New Year from your CG TEAM!

Thanks so much for playing with us…