Top 10 Club Tennis Rules: {unofficial}

  1. To be invited to a friendly game you don’t have to be a great player, you just have to be a good sport.
  2. Gossiping on the court is strictly forbidden. Except in emergencies like when it’s really interesting.
  3. We may not agree on the score or line calls, but we always agree on cocktail hour.
  4. Club players are like a family… A dysfunctional family you pay dues to play tennis with.
  5. You must be a good sport… at least until you get home.
  6. Listen to the Coach. No, you didn’t just do what he said. Yes, he really does know more than you do. Don’t, make him get it on video.
  7. To be a good partner… you must communicate, shift and laugh off the crazy.
  8. If a dispute breaks out between the home and away teams:
    A. Approach the net.
    B. Stay calm.
    C. Agree to all their claims, OR… accept that your happy place is about to get ugly.
  9. Racquet throwing, walking off, foul language and crying on the court are perfectly acceptable.
  10. To be a successful club player you must have fun, practice, get lessons, go for the win and remember… it’s just tennis.

Let’s play!