L’Etiole Sport Outfit Winner Kristyn Beausoleil: “How I am going to win!

Kristyn Beausoleil, the stunning COURTGIRL MAG cover shoot and L’Etiole Sport outfit winner, knows how to balance work and play. At 42, Kristyn has learned the importance of building fitness into her on-the-go schedule, and she always finds time to get in a game of tennis or go for a run. Recently we had a chance to get her take on tennis, life and fashion…

About Kristyn…
Age: 42; began playing tennis age 6; captain of high-school tennis team
Profession: Partner Development, Sales Management, Forevermark Diamonds
Play Status: Recreational, Singles in Central Park with friends

Tennis lessons and inspiration…
“I learned that I need to be more patient and positive. When I was 16, I was in a match and lost the first set. I came off the court and said “I’m not going to lose this match.” My coach pulled me aside, told me not to think about losing and instead think “How I am going to WIN!” I always remembered that day and those words. I use this in business and in my life every day. I’m always reminded to think positively and say to myself “How I am going to be successful!”.

Why do you play tennis?
“I love the sport. It has been a huge part of our family lifestyle. Growing up, my parents always had tennis on during the slams, and we would get on the court and play together. I also love the fitness side of tennis and the fact that you don’t need much equipment. When I travel all I need are sneakers and a racquet.”

Looking put-together on the court, is it important?
“Absolutely! Put together and comfortable. It’s tough to find both…that’s why I love this outfit I won by L’Etiole Sport! Can I just say something about this brand? I have never put on a tennis outfit before and felt so good, so amazing. I would wear this everywhere! Last night I wore it to a Mets game… I’m so excited to learn about L’Etiole Sport, and surprised I haven’t heard of it before. It so beautifully blends sporty tennis wear and fashion.”

Design your ideal tennis outfit…
“Sleeveless, stretchy material, run around the court and then run around the city and look good in both places.”

Do you wear jewelry while you play…
“Always do. I wear Forevermark diamond studs and bracelet. I’m looking to get a diamond Forevermark tennis bracelet (Hint, Hint).”

Pet peeve…
“No fresh tennis balls.”

Favorite expletive or sound you use/make on the court?
“I just yell my own name, “KRISTYN!” It’s amazing what you can get away with on the court, I wouldn’t do that in my daily life.”

Who would be your ideal tennis partner?
“Chrissie Evert.”

Who would you not like to play with?
“Donald Trump.”

Are you a ball or a racquet?
“A ball. I’m always bouncing around all over the place. People call me “Sunshine” so I guess I also look like a tennis ball.”

Describe yourself on the court in one word:

 Thank you so much, Kristyn. You have inspired us to find balance and stay positive!


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