Top 10 Reasons to See, Play, Love: Mylan World TeamTennis (WTT)

  1. No shushing…The crowd and team are called to cheer by announcer; Unique fast paced format and team dynamic excite the fans to root for the players; DJ blasts tunes at breaks! Go New York Empire!CouwXRAXgAADyZA.jpg
  2. Multi-colored courts pop the action and help fans stay focused.
  3. Star power within reach… World’s best players team up, Billie Jean King makes an appearance… And they are all accessible and right there.
  4. Rule breakers: Let serves are played; Tennis fans keep out balls; No-ad scoring; On-court coaching; Time-outs…and more to keep the fans part of the team!
  5. Just count to five: See the best variety of tennis play in less than three hours! Teams of 5 (1 coach, 2 women, 2 men); 5 sets of 5 games each, then it’s done…
    Sets consist of (not necessarily in this order):
    1. Men’s Doubles
    2. Women’s Doubles
    3. Men’s Singles
    4. Women’s Singles
    5. Mixed Doubles
  6. The West Side Tennis Stadium venue is amazing! It’s the original site of the US Open, not a bad seat in the house and it has a cool retro vibe… Go to see the New York Empire home team (early Aug) and the two winning teams at the FINALS (Friday, Aug 26) play at West Side Tennis Stadium, Forest Hills NY…BillieJeanMartinaMacEnroe.jpg
  7. Kids have a blast! Every kid under 16 gets to go on the court after match play and collect autographs; dancing to the DJ and cheering in the seats encouraged…IMG_0345.JPG
  8. All players treated equally… Mylan WTT is all about creating a place for players to perform their best on the court and be supported as part of a team. Amazing to see professional tennis players smile, huddle and hi-five…before going on the court and compete their hearts out.team3.jpgIMG_0346team.JPG
  9. Yes, it’s better than sitting on the couch bingeing on Netflix while eating ice cream. That good
  10. If it’s your first time going to a Mylan World TeamTennis event, get ready to fall in love with tennis all over again.

Join us at West Side Tennis Stadium for the Mylan World TeamTennis Finals on Friday, August 26 and let’s play COURTGIRL MAG style with trunk shows, cocktails and goodie bags…a few luxe VIP table seats left…hope to see you there! CLICK HERE to attend…