Dr. Evans’ Top 5 Secrets to Healthy Summer Skin You May not Know About…

5.  Do it naked. When applying sunscreen do it naked and apply a thick coat, wait a little while for the sunscreen to be absorbed before putting on your clothing. Remember lab studies that are responsible for sunscreen SPF ratings are based on very thick applications of sunscreen…

4.  There is no “healthy tan”… You do not need to “get a base tan” before exposing yourself to the sun. What you need to do is limit the exposure, wear protective clothing, use adequate sunscreen and reapply.

3.  Reapply. Most people need to reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours for optimal protection — more frequent for fairer skin types, less frequent for darker skin toned individuals.

2.  Give it a rinse. Be sure to rinse off chlorine and salt water as soon as you can with fresh water — both chlorine and salt water are very drying to the skin.

1.  Heliocare pill. This is pill is an oral herbal anti-oxidant that helps prevent damage from the sun; acts as an oral sunscreen giving you a number 12-15 SPF for 3-4 hours. Although it is not enough taken by itself, in combination with a topical sunscreen, it gives added protection. Take 15-20 min before a tennis match just before applying sunscreen for the best protection. Take an additional 2 pills for sun exposure longer than 3-4 hours.

“If you must look tan, get a self-tanner cream or go for a spray tan — shouldn’t be done constantly but at times this is the best suntan!”—Dr. Evans

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