Tennis Survival Kit: for Mom


She gave you a life…that alone is a gift from your Mom that you can never repay. So don’t bother with the fancy stuff on Mother’s Day. All she wants is to know you’re thinking about her (but if you’ve been a bad girl, you might want to splurge). Here are suggestions from some Moms who happen to love tennis, helping to personalize your gift (and score a few extra points over your siblings).


1. Reserve a court and play some tennis with Mom!
2. Take her to brunch or make her a healthy meal.
3. Take her to the spa for a massage.
4. Mani/pedi is a classic winner.
5. Just call her!


Score some major Mom Bucks with this unique take on a gift “basket”.

Tennis Survival Kit for Mom

Hop-A-Razzi Ball Hopper: Start with this super light hopper as your “gift basket”. It has built-in wheels, 65 ball capacity and several stand-out colors; then fill it with some tulips and…

MONREAL LONDON Visor: Protects from the sun and makes Mom look chic on and off the court

LACOSTE Aviator Sunglasses: Classic, timeless, fits any decade of style

ProTennis Sunblock: Designed for tennis, goes everywhere Mom plays…

ZICO Coconut Water: Packed with goodness and amazing for hydration during long matches

KT Tape: It doesn’t just look incredibly cool, this elastic sports tape is used by pro athletes for support and pain relief of shoulder, knee, ankle, back and more…stays on for days and in water. Go Mom!

scünci Pins & Elastics: Always a necessity for fly away court hair emergencies

Chameleon Racquet Grips: Fun colors and patterns to express Mom’s individual style

Tretorn MICRO X Pressureless Tennis Balls: They never go flat! Ideal for that emergency pop-up game. A little more bouncy than regular tennis balls, but great for friendly games, ball machines or practice.

Mission Cooling Towel: Instantly cools when soaked with water, is wrung out and snapped in the air creating a prolonged cooling effect. Every Mom needs this…

Babolat Flow Racquet: The new Babolat Flow appeals to recreational tennis lovers looking for power, playability and control (Mama likes power & control).


Say something nice and simple like:
“Thank you, Mom. I love you.”

Happy Mother’s Day!