Mindful Strokes: Yoga for Tennis

Jillian Pransky transformed me. Two years ago a good friend convinced me to try an immersive yoga retreat at Kripalu in the Berkshires. It pains me to admit, I was not much of a yoga enthusiast, tennis was my true love. Begrudgingly, I agreed to a weekend of Restorative Yoga which was being taught by Jillian. Somewhere between the deep stretches, sage burning and Jillian’s calm, rhythmic voice… oops, I accidentally meditated.

Well, it was no accident but it felt unlike me — and in such a good way. Actually, I would say it felt like it was more of me. A new access to something hidden in my being, that somehow emerged because Jillian was able to create a unique space where it could all take place.

We are so grateful to have had the pleasure to sit down with Jillian and collect a bit of her wisdom in a series of videos, that we are glad to share here with you.

She will be teaching us how yoga can be incorporated into the sport of tennis through mindfulness, using the breath to relax, how to incorporate stretches into your routine, and much more… all the while helping us to improve and elevate our game.

 About Jillian:

How does practicing yoga bring benefit to the sport of tennis?

How can we remember to breathe in the heat of the point?

Here are some amazing yoga stretches for tennis!

Standing Moving Twist:

Shoulder Stretch with Squat:

Lunge Stretch:

Jillian can be found at Kripalu site by clicking {HERE} or on her web page jillianpransky.com

Be sure to book a spot early at one of her retreats… in the hills of the Berkshires, the mountains of the Hudson Valley or on the exclusive beaches of Tulum, Mexico.