INTERVIEW: Beth Behrs, Hilarious Star of 2 Broke Girls and Rising Star of Club Tennis

Beth Behrs… she’s funny, smart, gorgeous and loves tennis — the total package and the ultimate courtgirl. Beth stars as Caroline Channing in our favorite sitcom 2 Broke Girls on CBS, and she still manages to weave tennis into her busy schedule as a way to stay focused and relaxed. We were lucky to catch up with Beth between the set and the court…

LEVEL: “3.0-3.5 (I’ve only been playing for four months, but lemme tell ya, I hope to get up to a 4.5/5!)”
WHERE: “It’s a wonderful club, that I’m going to keep a secret so people can’t find me :)”
DOUBLES or SINGLES: “Both, but mostly singles.”

CG: What is your first tennis memory?
Beth: “My parents are big tennis lovers, and my Dad played in high school. My first memory is snuggling with him on the couch as he watched US Open on TV.”

CG: How did you learn to play?
Beth: “We played a little bit growing up as a family at public tennis courts. But I really started playing much later. One birthday my boyfriend got me a racket and tennis clothes, because I’m a workaholic and he thought I needed a hobby. Then I started playing privately with a coach and now am a member of a club.”

I love moving my body and staying active…
it’s how I stay sane in this crazy business.

CG: Why do you play tennis?
Beth: “Because when I’m on the court, I can’t think of anything else…just focused completely on the little yellow ball. It’s an incredible stress reliever. I also think it really helps center me before a performance. So I always try to play Tuesday mornings before we shoot in front of a live audience!”

CG: “What have you learned about your own personal psychology on the court?
Beth: My coach always says “don’t panic” and “don’t rush”… I get panic attacks fairly often and I’m always in a hurry, so it’s helping me develop less of a manic, anxious existence, ha!”

Beth Behrs forehand follow-through.

CG: What has been the most frustrating experience you had playing tennis? Most exhilarating?
Beth: “Most frustrating has been learning to serve. Most exhilarating is winning any point (and eventually BEATING my boyfriend).”

CG: What other sports do you play? Which is your favorite and why?
Beth: “I enjoy any and all sports. I grew up playing very competitive soccer and thought I would go to college and play, but acting got in the way. I learned surfing in Charleston a few years back and really loved the feeling of riding waves. I am an avid work-er-out-er…running, yoga, ballet, pilates, boxing, etc. I love moving my body and staying active…it’s how I stay sane in this crazy business.”


CG: How do you express your frustration on the court?
Beth: “I definitely drop a few swear words here and there…but someone once told me Julie Andrews likes to curse, so I feel like I can still be a lady even if I drop an F-bomb now and again.”

CG: What are your strengths as a player, what do you need to work on?
Beth: “I’m fast from soccer. And I’m extremely focused and competitive. Quick on my feet. Need to work on footwork, serving, and playing the net more.”


CG: Have you ever played tennis with any of your co-stars on 2 Broke Girls?
Beth: “Kat has been talking about taking lessons with me, so I can’t wait to get her out on the court. I think we’d kick ass as a doubles team.”

CG: Do you follow pro tennis? If yes, who’s your fav WTA player? Been to any slams?
Beth: “I LOVE PRO TENNIS! Went to my first live tennis match at the BNP Paribas Open last year and had the time of my life. Maria Sharapova is my favorite woman, and Federer my favorite dude.”

“Champagne and Tennis”, Beth Behrs and Lindsey Ludwig at BNP Paribas Open.

CG: If you could play tennis with anyone, who would it be?
Beth: “Anna Wintour or Arianna Huffington — both are women who I greatly admire and would love to play tennis with and then have tea :).”

Hmmm, sounds like a tennis duel challenge… Beth Behrs & Kat Dennings vs. Anna Wintour & Arianna Huffington… an epic match in the making!

Thank you so much, Beth, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with us…

Big hugs to Betty!

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Betty was unavailable for comment.




Credits: Featured cover image by Robyn Von Swank.