A Courtgirl’s Tennis Resolutions 2016! (and the dark side)

10. Use my core! (Do I even have a core? Never used it before. Is this really necessary?)

9. Get really, really buff. (I wish the gym was closer. I’ll go when the weather is good.)

8. Listen to everything the coach says. (Well, almost everything. Maybe. We’ll see.)

7. Leave my personal life off the court. (Really depends on how I’m feeling that day.)

 6. Don’t get mad at my tennis partner. (It’s almost impossible not to.)

5. Focus on one thing at a time. (That might require a lobotomy, I guess I could look into it.)

 4. Have a plan and make it happen! (Ha! That’s a good one.)

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose. (I guess I could just take it out on my loved ones.)

 2. Remember tennis is just a game for fun. (So, I should probably stop spending thousands of dollars on clinics and private lessons?)

1. MOVE! (I wonder why everyone doesn’t think I’m moving, I’m pretty sure I’m moving. If only I saw myself on video.)


Sure, we all want to be good… but if you tend to walk on the dark side now and then like the rest of us and need a little boost, here are some savvy words from tennis enthusiast and mindset/health coach & trainer Karen Freiman:

One of my favorite quotes is “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive of what could go right!”  by Zig Ziglar. Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself…you will not GROW unless you do!

Happy New Year!



BTW: For support with your fitness goals and fun tennis posts, check out Karen Freiman on her FB page Karen’s Korner for Savvy Tennis Enthusiasts. And, thanks to CG contributor Christine Juneau for the cover illustration.