How do you play club tennis? In a nutshell…

We asked a group of our readers to briefly describe their club tennis playing experience and answer this question:

How do you play
club tennis?

“You run around a court, sweating in a small white dress and big white shoes, chasing a little, yellow fuzzy ball with an oversized fly swatter. It’s fun!


“There’s a ball, a racquet and a court. Forget all about those and focus… on the cocktails after.


“Take lessons. Get better. Take more lessons.”


“Tennis is best played outdoors, with good friends who can tolerate foul language and mild violent outbursts.”


“Well, you don’t need much… just some dresses, skirts and tops, a few visors, designer sneakers, a couture tennis bag, chic sunglasses, custom wicking socks, a tennis bracelet and a cool water bottle. The rest will fall into place.”


“Shake hands. Toss. Serve. Whack! Whack! Whack! Blitz! Spin! Split! Move your feet, move your feet, move your feet…breaaaathe. Be patient. Watch the ball. Watch the ball. Watch the ball! Be ready. It’s in! It’s out! It’s in! Whack! Whack! Whack! Win! Loose. Shake hands.”


“The racquet is important. You will need like five, in a bunch of different colors.”


“In practice, you must listen to your coach and do everything he says. Then when you’re in a match, ignore everything you just learned and let all hell break loose.”


“You have to stay focused, determined and have a plan. If you can’t do that, have a good partner.”


It’s simple. Have a game plan, then don’t think about it. But not all the way, still think about it a little. But not so much that it freaks you out. Relax. But don’t relax too much or you might zone out and miss the opportunity. And, definitely don’t think about winning…or losing, or that you’re so far behind that there’s no way to come back unless you put away every shot. Just be in the moment… whatever that means.”


“Repeatedly whack a fuzzy yellow ball with a racquet until it is no longer fuzzy, yellow or a ball.”


Play hard. Day in and day out… until you get plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow. If you’re lucky, you play so hard your knees go out or you get a black eye. Ah, just love the smell of popping open a fresh can of balls!


“Try to remember tennis is a game for fun, socializing and physical activity. It’s just tennis!”


“Play it like you’re grateful for it.”

However you do it, just get out there…

Let’s play!