CG Tennis Gift Guide: What she really, really wants…

Ah, the holidays… stress, stuffing and insanity are in the air. We are here to help you, a little. Here are a few items hand selected by our courtgirls — experts in shopping, tennis and what women want. Less thinking for you, more time to get out and get some tennis therapy.

Our favorite gifts to stuff, splurge and give back…





IMG_3727Luscious, pure, beautiful. Head to toe rejuvenation for the tennis body.

We absolutely love Mac’s Smack products! Honest ingredients, effective and responsible approach, all made with passion and care. Try them all and start with the lip “smacking” balms.

Lip Balm Quad 18.00

2014Line-Heather10267r1When one of our style-savvy courtgirls spotted this visor & headwrap combo by scünci it was like hitting gold!

Super soft, ultra comfort, chic and the price is shocking! This is a must, must have… get one in every color way!

spacedye_visor copy
scünci® Visor 8.97


kor-one-water-bottle copyIt’s never just a water bottle anymore, it’s a vessel for the elixir of life… yeah, we just said that.

Love this modern, beautifully engineered water vessel by Kor, it’s the KOR ONE Water Bottle that has so many good things going for it, you will be an instant hero for gifting this (in fact, it was featured in the movie Iron Man). Available at Kor for $25.

slide1Walk on the court, flaunt your injuries and still look tough, cool and supported.

Wrap what ails you on-the-go with a Small 3″ Dr.Cool wrap. The Dr. Cool wrap replaces traditional bags of ice and combines cold therapy with compression, which can help to reduce swelling and speed recovery.  Use on your wrist, ankle or foot.

Dr. Cool Small Wrap 17.99

cocktails-header-bg-4What is 50% the calories, 100% the fun? Why it’s KEEL Vodka, of course.

At our club the winner buys the “non-winner” a drink. Be an extra good sport, order your compensation cocktail with the opponents waistline in mind. Here’s our signature drink adopted from KEEL recipes:

CG Skinny Mule

When to Drink:

The famous “Moscow Mule” was the drink that helped Vodka’s popularity explode in this country during the 1940’s. Craft it with Keel Vodka and give this beast of burden a healthy kick. A timeless classic meets the 21st century.


  • 2oz KEEL Vodka
  • 0.5oz fresh lime juice
  • 4oz ginger beer
  • 1 lime wedge

How to

  1. in an ice-filled highball glass, pour KEEL Vodka and lime juice.
  2. top it all off with ginger beer.
  3. garnish with a Lime wedge… Let’s play!


KEEL Vodka $18.99





golftini_blackfridayGolf, tennis, martinis… cross train or cross party in Golftini active wear.

Perfect for the club set, a little longer and with a comfortable fit for a variety of body types. Wear this from match to brunch…  Don’t miss the Golftini Black Friday specials from $30-$120.

LizLaw2Eclectic, distinctive, inspired jewelry pieces by Liz Law are accessible, timeless gifts for the holiday season.

From unique collections to custom pieces, Liz Law brings understated elegance to each design. Select from ready-to-wear, re-purpose and redesign your own vintage piece into a new heirloom, or commission a brand new creation. Ranging from $50-$150 for ready-made, the necklaces are ideal for creating the chic layered look at We are especially excited to collaborate with Liz on a custom tennis necklace for COURTGIRL, which will be available through our shoppable content site in 2016!

+++SHOT_12_056+057-2Do you really want to have some fun, or are you just saying that?

Why not make it a statement with Monreal London’s Tampa leather-trimmed, canvas tennis bag. Illustrated by Malika Favre, this bag will start conversations. Possibly so distracting to your opponents, that they will throw the match and not even realize why. On sale now at net-a-porter.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.43.21 PM
Monreal London Tampa printed leather-trimmed canvas shoulder bag $637 (30% OFF from $910)


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.21.50 PMEver try to stop a speeding tennis ball with your eye?

No one makes it part of their game plan, but it does happen. Protect yourself and look awesome at the same time with Rudy Project Ability White Frame with Bichromic Pink Lenses. Designed for sport, Rudy Project shades are a rare blend of form and function at play. 25% off for COURTGIRL readers only if you follow this link!

LetoileEver just want to “play all day”?

L’Etoile Sport, one of our absolute favorite brands, infuses their “play all day” attitude into a line of luxe, tailored pieces that feel as good on the court as they do off. Try this versatile cashmere Pointelle Stripe Hoodie, that will keep you toasty and chic on the way to practice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.36.42 PM
L’Etoile Sport POINTELLE STRIPE HOODIE, on sale for $241.50

ADRIANAIMG_9371Nothings pairs better with tennis than wine in Barcelona.

Elite Tennis Travel (ETT), provides a superior gastronomical, cultural and, of course, tennis experience. Take private guided tours of museums; dine and meet chefs at some of the best restaurants in Spain; play at exclusive tennis academies. Simply name the activities and destinations you prefer and ETT will arrange the rest! Here’s what the last adventurers with ETT had to say…

Dear Adriana,

We had such an extraordinary experience in Barcelona! It was clear how diligently you worked to ensure our trip was successful. In addition to our wonderful tennis program, we truly appreciate how you personalized our vacation. We feel we have developed a warm and lasting friendship with you. Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!

Fondly, Ellen, Vicky, Claire, & Lynne 

BarcelonaFor more information on upcoming tennis destinations contact Adriana at There may be a few spots left on a trip in Spring 2016!


Give Back.


wforwHave you ever given a goat as a gift?

How about literacy, skills or transportation? We are truly privileged to be able to stuff our stockings, splurge on luxe gifts and simply enjoy. And, we should, we work hard, we deserve it and it feels good. What feels even more amazing is giving a boost to someone who needs a helping hand. What we love about Women for Women, is that this is a smart, forward thinking foundation that provides real opportunities for building a future for those in need. They truly empower women survivors of war all over the world… by providing access to skills, education and tools. It’s a cool idea knowing that with a few dollars you can give a goat, a bicycle or some seeds and from that small gesture a woman could thrive and provide for her family… Thanks for giving us an easy way to give back! wfw


We wish you a happy, warm and prosperous holiday season and thank you for playing with us this year!