What’s your game face?

Big, big tennis, gritty plays and world-class crushing action were not to be missed this year at the Connecticut Open at Yale, New Haven. The level of play was top-tier, and the pros made every effort to keep calm, cool and collected. But in the heat of the point, no matter how hard they tried to keep their emotions in check, their faces and posture would tell another story. Intensity of focus, unwavering drive, desire to win, disillusionment of defeat, thrill of victory…were all written in the twitches, creases, expressions and poses.

Below are some of the best game faces we shot at the CT Open from Simona Halep, Magdalena Rybarikova and Petra Kvitova. What’s your game face (GF)? Send us your best GF and win a Courtgirl hat if you’re chosen.

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I know how she feels.


Thanks to Ty, our incredible photographer for all the long days of shooting!