CT Open: Lessons Learned

The competition is fierce, relentless. Watching the outcomes of the matches turn on dime, you realize anything is possible, anything can change and you don’t know what you’re capable of until you give it all you have.

Estimating is a lost cause… you can easily underestimate your opponent, overestimate yourself or vice versa. Just when you think the game is done, there’s a comeback seemingly from nowhere. Superior athleticism, incredible gritty shots and aces down the middle don’t always win the game — at this level it just comes down to who wants it more. They don’t give up if behind, they don’t give in if ahead… they just don’t give anything up.

Everyday should be like this. You get up, decide you’re going to win and never give up. Just imagine what you can accomplish in life with even half the effort that these athletes put into their sport. Lesson learned: Follow your dream and dream big. Be unstoppable, because the only thing that can stop you is your self… and maybe your opponents killer slice backhand.

Here are some of the day’s highlights…

Got my creds.
Checked out the center court stadium, getting ready for action next week.
Bouchard practicing at center court stadium.
Stopped by the media center for my pretend interview.
Big, big tennis on Court 2 with Parmentier vs. Begu.
Incomparable Ken Thomas from radiotennis.com was like a bird in my ear announcing the play-by-play.
Begu called an injury time out. She seemed ok, played through wincing a bit.
Begu was ready to end it, in pain and exhausted.
Parmentier had a great comeback but lost the match in a close battle in the second set.

Polona Hercog, 6′ tennis symphony in motion…

IMG_2944 IMG_2941  IMG_2939 IMG_2920 IMG_2919 IMG_2918  IMG_0925

Yum, treated myself to a lobster roll — what a workout!

Courtgirl, out…