How to keep the fountain of youth on tap: Liz Gott’s Secret Top 10

Liz Gott turned 59 in January, but you’d never know it. She looks and feels amazing. Many have wondered about her secrets to staying young. Here is her Top Secret Top Ten list:

Liz Gott’s Top 10 Secrets to Staying Young

{10} Marry someone who will stick by you in the tough times and be supportive.
“My husband and I have been through it all. We raised two kids, he stood by me when I had to care for a family member — weddings, funerals he was always there for me. Sometimes we do fight over the clicker. I love to watch The Voice, (Adam Levine is very cute). But we never get angry, we just laugh it off.”

{9} Stay current, hang out with interesting people.
“I’ve met a lot of fun women playing tennis… many of them much younger than me. I love that. And I’m never afraid to meet new people or move to a new place and start over.”

{8} Live a wholesome life.
“I always believe in treating people, the way I would like to be treated.”

{7} Stay active and don’t eat too much junk food.
“I eat what I love in moderation. I don’t have a specific diet, but keep my meals simple. I try not to overeat and don’t eat out too much. I go to the gym every day, play tennis in the summer and ski in the winter.”

{6} Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection.
“I started playing tennis in my 30s. I could hardly hit the ball and the coach was very frustrated with me. “It’s never gonna happen, Liz,” he would say. But I stuck with it through the years. I may not hit the ball hard but I’m consistent. My goal is to be a more precise player vs. a forceful one.”

{5} Don’t judge.
“It’s not about you. Sometimes we need to look outside ourselves.”

{4} Be more tolerant.
“I’ve learned not to be overly sensitive and not to hold a grudge. If a friend doesn’t respond to me for a while, she just needs some space. Or if she reacts to a situation in her life that I may not have handled the same way, I try to be understanding and just be there for her.”

{3} Be the best you can be at your age.
“I always wanted to stay independent. It’s easy to let the day slip by if there isn’t something planned to do, especially after the kids are grown and out of the house. Having a job keeps me moving forward.”

{2} Surround yourself with happy people.
“I work with wonderful 12-year-olds  all day, it really helps me to stay positive being around them.”

{1} Do what you love for as long as you can do it.

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Words to live by… thanks for sharing your wisdom and beauty, Liz!

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Liz Gott is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparatory studies teacher for the Fairfield/Westchester region and can be reached by email at