“Fake it ’till you become it”: Power Pose Your Way to Victory


Yes, its Wonder Woman. She has it all, lasso, bullet proof cuffs, gold bustier, tiara and invisible jet. What more could a girl want? And, guess what, you can be just like her…or at least if you power pose like she does, you’ll feel like her and will be feared by all super villains (and opponents). In tennis and in life, your body language can be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose.

The graphic below from TED TALKS, shows various poses and their effect on how you are perceived. Amy Cuddy, Harvard Social Psychologist, states that posing in the power poses below for two minutes, not only changes the way you are perceived, but also alters your physiology.





Take a look at this compelling video by Amy Cuddy, which explains her research in detail.


Yes, you might look a little bit off but…next time you are in a match, strike a pose like Wonder Woman for two minutes, get out there and play your best game ever…it will be worth it!