MVP Winner: Liz Sweeney, queen of strategy and a player with heart


::Courtgirl MVP of the Month::

USTA Ranking 3.5
{USTA and Stamford Yacht Club B Team}

Find out more about Liz in this exclusive interview…

cg: Do you have a nickname?
Liz: When I was younger, everyone called me Lizzie.  At about 12, I decided that I didn’t want to be Lizzie anymore and became “Liz”.  My childhood friends still call me Lizzie – I used to think it made me sound so young – I am now grateful for such a youthful name!

cg: What is your first tennis memory?
Liz: Watching my mom, dad and brothers play in a public court…while I was in the car sharing a Slow-Poke with my dog, Ethel. She would take a lick and I would take lick of the sticky caramel on a stick. I was looking forward to the day I could be old enough to play.

cg: How long have you been playing?
Liz: Since I was 5, played varsity in high-school.

cg: Do you play other sports?
Liz: Paddle. It was big in Cleveland I played with my family when in high school. Also, play golf, ski and skate.

cg: What sport do you prefer and why?
Liz: I like tennis, but I love paddle. The small court allows you to play more as a team and use more strategy. There are fewer choices in shot selection making the plays more predictable. The ” if, then” factor is reduced and you and your partner can have a better chance of controlling the outcome.

cg: What do you love most about tennis? Least?
Liz: Strategy. Working with a partner who can set-up a point.
Tension. Taking the game too seriously, anger either from partner or opponent.

cg: Where would be the most exotic place you would like to play?
Liz: On a floating court in the ocean.

cg: Describe your ideal partner.
Liz: Upbeat, fun, relaxed, encouraging, joyful. In it to win it, just all in.

cg: What has a coach ever said to you that seemed ridiculous at the time but you later realized was true?
Liz: “You think too much.” I read a book not too long ago called, Vision Tennis. It talks about distracting your mind when you play and not over thinking each shot.

cg: Whats the point of playing?
Liz: It is a really fun way to get exercise – being in the moment and enjoying the camaraderie.  It is a privilege and a gift to be able to spend time this way!

cg: What advice would you give beginners?
Liz: Enjoy, have fun…clinics are great but putting what you’ve learned to practice is the most rewarding.

cg: Would you rather be a racquet or a ball?
Liz: Racquet.

cg: A “Boobicker” is a bumper sticker for your chest, what would yours say?
Liz: “Who do you LOVE?”


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